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The Sports Medicine and Law Magnet, formerly known as the Law and Public Service Magnet, website page is currently under construction. Please come back and check on us soon.

Vision Statement

The goal of the Sports Medicine and Law Magnet is to develop global citizens and life-long learners in medicine and law in an environment that encourages rigorous academics, innovative educational programs, and ethical behavior.

Mission Statement

The Sports Medicine and Law Magnet prepares our students for a post-secondary education in medicine and law through a high-quality education. Students develop essential knowledge and skills in medicine, patient care, and legal, regulatory, political, ethical, and economic aspects of law while fostering an environment of innovative technology, inclusivity, advocacy, inquiry, critical thinking, and personal growth.

Meet Our Staff

Ms. Eleanor Laserna 

Math Department

High School: Eastlake High School

Universities: UCLA, Loyola Marymount University

Degrees Earned: Mathematics/Economics B.S. from UCLA, currently pursuing a Master's in Education at LMU

Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Laserna, or Ms. L for short. I teach Algebra 1, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. I like math because it is always constant; while the world can be chaotically changing at times, math is always structured with rules that never change. I am especially passionate about equity and social justice through education. In my free time, you can find me embroidering, playing the piano, or fostering rescue dogs.

Dr. Alejandra Merriman


Career Technical Education Department

High School: Hawthorne High School

Universities: LMU, Cal U Penn, AT Still University

Degrees Earned: B.S. of Athletic Training from LMU, M.S. of Rehabilitation from Cal U Penn, Doctorate of Athletic Training from AT Still University

Dr. Merriman began her teaching career at Dorsey in 2014 where she became apart of the Law and Public Services Magnet, now known as the Sports Medicine and Law Magnet. Since 2014, she has expanded our sports medicine program in the past 5 years by acquiring over half a million dollars in funding, providing the most innovative technology for her Patient Care Pathway students and improving the quality of care to her student-athletes. In partnership with the Team HEAL foundation, Dr. Merriman also provides athletic training services to Dorsey’s athletes after teaching during the day. She works closely with our school nurse, Pat Noble, to provide the highest quality of healthcare possible to our student-athletes.

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